Summer wakeboard camp for teens, kids, and adults.  Experience wakeboarding like never before. Our summer wakeboard camps are second to no other summer camp experience in california.  Our camps are located near the san francisco bay area, sacramento, sacremento, stockton, the delta, modesto, merced and more.
California summer wakeboarding camps for kids, teens, adults to improve on their wakeboard skills. private and family wakeboard camps year around.  For wakeboard enthusiasts of all ages and ability levelsdelta summer wakeboard campregister for one of our wakeboarding camps, or wakeboard campcalifornia wakeboard camp media photos, riders and morecontact west coast wakeboarding camp. we're located in california two hours from the delta

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coaching at west coast wakeboard camps is different than that of any other wakeboard camp in the world
West coast wakeboard camps: a typical day at wakeboard camp include wakeboarding, wakeskating, wakesurfing, activities, food, fun, laughs and more wakeboarding
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check out our wakeboard camp patches.  No other wakeboard camp in the world has a merit system designed to reward their campers in this way.
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our adults wakeboard camps are designed to accomodate all ages of wakeboarders.  These specialty camps are offered the first and last weeks of camp each season.


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If there is one thing we are known for here at West Coast Camps, it’s our high energy youth wakeboard camp.  These camps are designed for those wanting to get up for the first time to the competitive rider, and everyone in-between.  Our wakeboard camp combines our exclusive coaching system with the traditional fun summer camp experience.  Only we have taken the summer camp experience to a whole new level.  This experience starts out aboard amazing luxury houseboats secluded in our own private cove.  Our staff is loaded with pro and semi-pro riders.  Though they may appear in the magazines, it’s their positive sacrificial outgoing personalities that earn them their position on the most exclusive coaching staff in the nation.  With our complete training facility the fun doesn’t end with your time on the water.  We have spin machines, a trampoline and balance boards for you to hone your skills on in between sets.  If you just want to nap or play video games that’s fine too.  If you have the energy you may want to learn to paddle surf, catch a 10 pound catfish, take a paddle boat for a ride, or go for a swim.  Each week is also packed with our very own WestCoast camp games and adventures.  Our goal at camp is to give you a week of progression, memories and friendships that will last you a lifetime.   

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