With our lessons, learning is guaranteed. The one problem with lessons is that expectations and DCIM100GOPROreality don’t always line up. Results come from laying a strong foundation before ever attempting tricks. Most people expect to be told a trick tip or two that will change the way they ride or allow them to be able to land a trick. If you’re just looking for a trick tip, we suggest you read a couple magazines or check out some online tutorials. Typically when you hit a plateu and your progression stops, its because you have some gaps in your riding. Our coaching system fixes those gaps and fills them using a wide variety of training drills.

3 hour coaching minimum
$80 per hour on your boat
$40 per hour for travel time

Our Professional wakeboard coach will meet you at the location of your choice, at a time and date that works for your group. Our lessons take place on your boat. Half day wakeboarding lessons run for three hours, either in the morning or afternoon. Full day wakeboard lessons include six hours of instruction, and a one hour break for lunch where you can “talk shop” with your coach.

To book a lesson, contact us through any of the mediums listed at the bottom of the page.

Be sure to fill out our Liability waiver and have it ready when your coach arrives. Liability Waiver – West Coast Campswest.coast.camps.westcoastcamps.wakeboarding.wakeboard.wakesurf.wakesurfing.coach.coaching.coaches.instruction.school.summer.camp

We also have a one-of-a-kind training app in the Apple App Store, that will keep you updated on your progress.  It is complete with written step-by-step instruction, as well as video to walk you through each step of a trick.