Our number one priority.


Physical and Emotional SafetyDCIM100GOPRO

As mentioned in our coaching system, we have the most proven coaching methods in the wakeboarding industry that revolve around building things up from square one. While learning most tricks, we pull riders at speeds where falling feels like jumping into a pool. As with any other sport, as they learn more advanced maneuvers, the risk increases.  This is why we make campers repeat each trick numerous times before moving up the scale. Injuries can happen, however in our 13 years of operating, they have occurred very rarely. In all our years as a camp we’ve had two broken bones, three trips to the hospital for stitches, and a few minor concussions. Note: Wakeboarding is a dangerous sport and serious injury is possible.

The 3:1 Camper-to-Staff ratio translates to increased supervision and safety. Furthermore, we hand-select every employee, making sure that they will meet the needs of each camper on and off the water. Every team member has hundreds of hours of experience before they are hired on and trained.

Our campers’ emotional safety is just as important to us as their physical health. Through our GoP.R.O. curriculum, we ensure a positive and supportive network from both staff and fellow campers. Our staff team comes from diverse backgrounds and has the ability to connect with anyone that comes aboard, and through activities and recreation that are organized over the week, we try to instill within every camper a sense of teamwork and respect to everyone.



West Coast Camps’ professional chef produces family style meals for our tight-knit community—three times a day, carefully providing alternatives for campers and staff with various dietary needs, restrictions, and allergies. Prior to attending camp, families complete Camper Information Forms which include detailed questionnaires about each child’s needs. Our kitchen staff makes meals from scratch and strives to provide healthy and delicious meals and snacks. Snacks are available throughout the day in between major meals, so campers will never be hungry.



West Coast Camps is located on houseboats on Lake McClure, California. During the week, we are predominantly the only boats on the water, which makes for some of the best riding conditions in the state. We are nestled in the Sierra Nevada’s, just up the hill from the cities of Merced and Modesto. Upon arrival, campers receive a safety orientation around the houseboats, and throughout the week announcements are made with safety reminders.


Emergency Response

            All staff members of West Coast Camps are trained thoroughly to respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies, with prescribed roles and procedures that mirror those used by national agencies. Our staff undergo significant training in emergency response, including book learning and ongoing drills, to ensure that we are prepared should a situation arise. In case of emergency we have several lines of defense. First is the local sheriff, who can be quickly called though our CB radios from anywhere on the lake. The following steps depend upon direction from either the sheriff or 911. The Paramedics at the Forest Service are just few minutes from the main launch ramp if necessary. In case of a severe accident, there is also a helicopter-landing pad located next to the forest service station. As always, there is also the option of 911 dispatching an ambulance. We will follow the direction of operators, sheriffs, paramedics and trained professionals as they assess the situation and keep you updated.RedCross


Our staff are certified by American Red Cross in CPR(Adult, Child, Infant) and First Aid.
We are also certified by NASBLA(National Association of State Boating Law Administrators) boat Boating




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